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The Butterfly Approach

Palm Desert Psychiatry's approach to Psychiatry is guided by the concept of achieving balance in our client's lives, focusing on the interdependence of four primary influences:


Achieving balance is the key to successful and healthy living, and at Palm Desert Psychiatry we believe that all human beings begin life with the elegance of intelligent design; and have the capacity to live successfully, overcome adversity, and meet life's challenges by achieving balance of the four cornerstones of human life. These are: the MIND, the BRAIN, SPIRITUALITY and the ENVIRONMENT.

Reminded of our ties to nature, these concepts are easily visualized in a metaphor which flows logically into the balance offered in all of Nature. We call this the Butterfly approach. Humans exist at the intersection of two planes-the physical and the metaphysical. See yourself as the "body" of a butterfly.

The four strategic levels on which we focus to promote health and wellness are: Biological, Psychological, Social/Environmental and Spiritual. All four influences must be carefully understood. Whatever the cause of your imbalance or health problem, we will help you identify and choose options which let you overcome the problem. This model takes into account interactions of the Mind, the Brain, Spirituality, and your Environment.

Envision yourself as a butterfly. Your top two wings represent Spirituality and Mind. The lower two wings symbolize your Brain and your personal environment. Just as the butterfly needs four wings to fly, we as human beings need all component influences to function properly, to feel centered, to perform at our peak, and achieve well-being. We call this visualization the Butterfly Approach. We invite you to come share your challenges.

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